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Boyd had lost his mate before he had really found her. He had met her in college, but his studies where important too. He figured he would have plenty of time to meet her, after the exams. But a tragic car accident had robbed him of his future before it had begun…. At least that is what he had always believed.

Reilly was just trying to make ends meet. She just wanted to get through the day with her slimy boss keeping his hands to himself. But when she got the call from the hospital that her dad had been in an accident, she had to go. Her boss had other ideas.

The pileup on the freeway had Boyd working overtime. All the injured had been coming into the hospital in droves. He had treated so many patients that he was just exhausted. When he stepped out for a breather, he saw her. She was the sexiest woman he’d ever seen, and when he approached her, her scent sent his senses into a whirl and his cat reacted. The word mate flashed through is mind. But that couldn’t be right, he had to be tired