Dinner with the Family

Goodness dinner was fantastic!!!  My husband, Sonny is the greatest cook.  We had fried chicken with all the trimmings.  And even though I fussed about the cherry pie versus the apple caramel thingy.  Boy!  That was to die for.  Thank you Daniy!!!

But I’d like to tell you  about the conversations we have at the table.  The adults, and sometimes the younger kids sit at the table for a good hour after the meal is over and just talk.  There are generally about six or seven conversations going on at once, and on a varied subject matter.  I have been known to sing out loud to cover some of the information that my two daughter in laws, Dale and Wendy, share.  Sheesh!  There are things a mom should not know!

But Jason, my middle son was telling a story, I haven’t a clue what it was about now, but we were all laughing pretty hard.  Then suddenly Wendy, his wife reaches over and holds his hands down.  We all tend to talk with our hands in this family, and the more involved the story, the greater the hand gestures. Any way, he stopped talking.  Just like that, not a sound.  When she let them go, he picked up the story right where he left off.  Of course this is why I can’t remember the story because she kept holding them down and letting them go.  I guess the Irish in him proved to be too much because after the third time or so, he began gesturing with his head.  I thought the poor boy was going to have whiplash, he was jerking the sucker around so much. There was not a dry eye to be found as we were laughing so hard.

After that I noticed that Kelly, Daniy’s two year old was doing the same thing.  Every time he wanted something or was telling on his older siblings (at which point they would have to explain why they did whatever it is that they were doing AND use their hands to help with the explanation), he would use his hands too.

It is a small wonder that we aren’t all covered in bruises with all the hands and arms flaying around.

I love having dinner with my kids and their families.  Having them come over on Friday nights is the highlight of my whole week. I guess next time it’s meatloaf.

Well, have a great day today.  And remember Spring is just around the corner!!!  Woo Hoo!!!


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