Grady The MCCade Dragon Release Day

Harper Bailey was in way over her head, and the trouble just seemed to keep coming. Her brother-in-law had frozen her personal accounts, and now she was on the run because she wouldn’t do as she was “told.” She had been told to abort the baby. Harper hadn’t wanted the baby she had been forced to carry in the first place, but now that she’d felt life, she would protect the child with hers.
Grady McCade knew that his mate had been found when she touched the piece of jewelry. The dragon had told him that if he didn’t hurry to her side, she would be found by the dragon slayers and her life could be ended as well as the life of the babe that she carried.
With Grady and Harper together, the dragon grows stronger, and the slayers pick up the pace in their quest for all the pieces of jewelry. Can the McCades stop them before they strike again? Are any of them safe? Find out in The McCade Dragon—Grady
Emma Gentry felt like she was losing her mind. From the time she had picked up the pretty ring to examine it, she’d been hearing a voice in her head. When she ran from the demolished building, she’d slipped the ring on her finger so that she wouldn’t drop it, now she couldn’t get it off. She was in dire need of medical attention, but the voice wouldn’t let her stop to get help. There were others looking for the ring and would kill her for it. Emma was on the run.

Kenton McCade was the doctor in the family. When found Emma in his office treating a badly infected wound on her leg, he had to help her. The infection had spread and she was near death.

Kenton and his brothers were dragon shifters born without the ability to shift into their other half. The magic, it seemed, lay dormant in a sleeping dragon that was tied to six pieces of jewelry. When the ring found its way to Emma, her touch had woken the sleeping beast. When Emma touched Kenton’s sigil on his chest, he shifted to his beast for the first time. But the beast from the ring would not be complete until all the jewelry found its way to their rightful dragons…. 

Emma was still on the run…they need her to survive…but Emma trusted no one…

Jasmine Tyler was wishing she had never found those earrings in that box of junk she bought at auction. They were so pretty, and the dragons had so much detail, that she simply had to try them on. That was the biggest mistake she’d ever made. Once they were on they weren’t coming off. And those men in the black SUVs meant business. She’d hand the earrings over or they’d kill her. They’d more than likely kill her anyway even if she could get the damn things off. Now she was on the run with her young son, Gavin, and her ailing granny. A voice in her head that started when she put the earrings on was directing her to find the McCades.

The dragon had told Kenton and Jorden McCade that another piece of jewelry had been activated, and the boy that had just come into Jorden’s studio was her son. The dragon didn’t know which brother she was mated to, but she had sent the boy and her granny ahead to keep them safe. Now, another attempt had been made on her life and she was in a hospital an hour away.

The cop at the scene had been in on it, and Jasmine found herself in a pickle. She’d been drugged and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it. Her body hit the floor by her hospital bed and she was looking into the lifeless eyes of her nurse.

As soon as Jorden scooped Jasmine up off the floor and her earring touched his skin, he knew that this woman was his. The earring left a brand, marking them both. He couldn’t be happier about finding her, now to convince her to stay was going to be the problem….

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The queen, his queen, sat upon her throne and cried. Warrior, the only name he’d ever been given, moved closer to her, close enough that she could touch him should she wish. He gave her warmth, something that he could tell that she needed in this cold room, even with the hearth overflowing with flames. The jewels, which were as much a part of her as the crown that she wore, glistened in the evening fires. And she wore them like the queen that she was. “We’re to be put out, my friend. Whatever shall I do if I have no home, nor any place to house my people? They will surely die without food and shelter.” He had no answer for her. Warrior thought she knew this too. But it made him feel good to know that his queen thought of the others in her keep before her own troubles. “He took it all from me. All. And for what, pray? Because he could? Because it made him feel like a king? I made him one, and he has done this to us. He thinks to take this all from me for another woman. Another woman that will have nothing once he tires of her as well.” Warrior looked up at her when she began to pace the large room. Not much remained here now, not like the riches that had been here centuries ago. Once there had been large tapestries, and long tables with bejeweled ornaments upon them. Paintings had adorned the halls, of ancestors that had lived and died to make this castle the strong fortress that it was. Blades had hung along the walls, their nicks and mars in the steel telling their own stories. Riches beyond what any man could have in one lifetime had been abundant, yet the new king, the one that had been chosen for his lady queen, would have more, took more. Or he would kill to get it. Babes had been born here, and as adults they had died in the same bed that they’d taken their first breath in. This place had bred queens that fought beside their men until death. And now it was in near ruin because of greed. Warrior wanted to help her in some way, but wasn’t sure what he could do. The ring on her finger flashed, and he was saddened that someone else would wear his gift to her. The jewelry he’d forged for her was the only thing that the king had not been able to find and sell off. She had done well with that at least, making sure that it was held in the family for future generations. “The other dragons, have you told them to scatter?” He told her that they had all gone into hiding, save him. “You should have left with them, Warrior. I love you most of all, and should you be captured, then I feel all will be lost.” “I will not leave you, my queen. Without you, there would be no us.” Warrior sat up when the doors opened behind them. The little boy, Caelin, came to him and climbed up on his back. A seat was there, forever, for the queen to use when she surveyed her kingdom. But little Caelin, he knew that he’d be just as welcome. “Come, my queen. Sit upon my back and let me take you someplace safe.” “No. You must be safe. For my son.” He started to tell her that without her, none of them would ever be safe. “I have a plan. A good plan, but I need you to help me with it. It’ll work. You’ll see. Caelin and his children’s children will be safe because of it.” She told him of her plan to gather him into the jewels to keep him safe for her son. Also how doing this would keep the jewelry for them, the only thing that was of value she had left save
the little boy. By separating the jewels like this, no one person would own the dragon, her dragon.  “I do not understand how my being magically separated will help your child. I can do more harm as myself than most armies can defeat.” She held her son in her arms now. Her mind, he knew, was seeing beyond what they were looking at now. The gift of sight, even her own demise, was a gift or a curse that she held to herself. Not even her husband, the traitor, knew about it. “Many generations from now my son’s children will have the pieces. And when they do, all the pieces will make you whole again.” They both looked at the sleeping child. “Many will be broken by the curse that I shall put upon these jewels. There will be lives taken, children unborn, until the right generation comes along and makes it work. But when the right family is gathered, when they love harder than any other, there will be riches beyond their wildest dreams. Jewels and long life. There will be dragons again, too. The queen, a queen beyond what I am to you now, will rule you all once again as you darken the skies as you once did.” It took them well into the next day for the magic to work. Warrior watched over her and the small boy as he got weaker; each part of Warrior that she took to add to the jewels that he’d forged for her made him less and less. He would not have it any other way, not when she was so determined to give this for her child. When there was nothing left of him but a single spark, as she called it, he felt her tears as they fell upon his back as she sat upon it one last time. “I know that you cannot fly, my friend, but I should like to sit upon your back as I did so many times before.” Caelin was there too, his little body ready to leave the castle and all that he knew when the time came. They both looked at the castle door, the one that was even now splintering with the weight of the monsters on the other side that would kill her. “It is time.” Warrior knew that the child would be safe. His queen had told him over and over that he would grow to be an old man; there would be a great many scars upon his body from his strength as a warrior, too. And he would sire many children, strong sons to take his seed and name until it was time to come forth again.  “Go. Now.” Her son seemed to understand that his mother was putting his life before hers. He stood watching her before falling into her arms once again to have her wrap her arms around him, just once more. And when he ran, leaving the castle and the grounds forever, they both knew that he’d be the one that saved them. “Are you ready, my friend?” “I am, my queen.”  The sound of the men on the other side did not bother them overly much. They both knew that what was to happen now would be something the men would never understand. And when she said the words over them, Warrior felt the earth move beneath him, the castle walls shake with the power of her magic.  Thank you my warrior, my friend. See to them when the time is right. Warrior knew not where he was. There was magic all around him, his body tight in the jewels that he’d made so long ago. And when he opened his eyes he saw the men standing in the room where he’d been only moments before, their armor as clean and as bright as the morning sun. He looked at the man who had caused this all, his king. “What mean you that you cannot find him? He is a dragon, as big as the walls that hold this monstrosity up. Find him, and my lady wife.” The men scattered and Warrior laughed. The man
still had no idea that he’d born a son of the queen. She’d kept the boy safe by not sharing who the child was with anyone but herself and him. “The man that brings me her head on a platter will be rich tonight. I want her and all that she stands for dead.” When he felt himself move, he knew that the king had found him and had picked the piece up. The necklace. The last piece, one that could not be taken away and hidden when his last spark was put inside it. He eyed the man that had fallen a kingdom and wished him dead. ‘Tis not his fault he is a fool. Perhaps it is, but he is a bigger fool than I thought him to be if he thinks to win this day. He smiled at the sound of his lady queen’s voice. I had no idea that I’d join you here. It is very cramped, is it not? It is. But we are safe here. He will not harm us now. She said nothing and he wanted to turn to her, but knew that he could not move. My lady, he cannot harm us, correct? Nay, we are beyond his wrath now, but he will try. This day he will present us to his lady wife, his new lover. And when she complains that the necklace is too large for her, he will break us apart. I will no longer be able to speak to you, not until the rest of you is with me. He asked if she had known this before. Nay, I did not. It wasn’t until he touched us that I knew. He now has her belly filled with his child, one that he is as yet unaware of. She laughed then. What have you done, my lady? She told him that he would have no sons born of him ever again. There would be one born of their union, but he’d not be of his seed. You have done this? From here? Yes. When she moved over his spark, he felt it and was warmed by it. My child will be the only son he has, and he is yet not aware of him. His father will be aware of him one day, when Caelin finds his sire and cuts his head from his body. But for now, Caelin is safe. She told him to sleep and he had no choice in the matter. As his eyes were closing, he saw her then, the lady that would wear him for a time. Warrior had no idea what to expect, but he knew as surely as he was inside the necklace with his queen, he would protect the lady with him as best he could. Warrior wished for time to go by quickly so that he might see his queen again.

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