Keegan Foster’s Pride Release Blitz & Giveaway

Kerri Terrell nearly didn’t make it. With her house burned, her accounts frozen, being fired from her job, and her daughter taken, Kerri had nearly given up.

Keegan was happy to discover he had a new mate and a daughter now too. Protecting them from their supposed family would be his top priority.

Although both lions, when Keegan and Kerri came together, Kerri was more than Keegan anticipated. A lot more. As the magic flowed through them, neither was sure if they’d survive it.


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Brook Garrett had learned to live by her wits. When she was very young, she lost her father to a car crash. When her mother remarried, her nightmare really began. A few years later, her mother died the same way. She was next.Ronan Foster was an officer out on medical leave. He was a lion and wasn’t hurt in the least, but the guy responsible for shooting him would go free if he didn’t take the sabbatical. The guy was for much more than shooting him, and justice needed to be served. Trust was hard for Brook. Her stepparents had seen to that. Now the big lion was telling her that they were mates and she wasn’t sure how she felt about that. She had been doing just fine without a man in her life….

Parker Carter spent eight years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit—murdering her father. Now that the justice system had finally admitted their mistake, Parker was set free. Parker could have left anytime she wanted, she was a powerful witch, but for reasons of her own, she had remained locked up and didn’t use any of her magic.
Donahue Foster, a teacher at the local school, was having a hard time resting. Taking a run and stretching his legs as his lion was something he hadn’t done in a while. He hadn’t gotten far when he noticed two things, he smelled fresh blood, and he felt a presence. Don was dumbfounded when the woman used a mind link to communicate with him. She told him her name was Parker Carter, she didn’t like people, and she was his mate.
Don was so stunned with that news that he was nearly run over by the night hunters Parker chased off.
Now that Parker was back, her past needed to be settled. Half-truths and well-kept secrets needed to be exposed. And the possession of her mother, Meggie, was the most mind-boggling of all. What kind of screwed-up magic was this?

Sometimes, Rogue didn’t much care for her job, but it paid well, and she was damn good at it. As a forensic photographer, Rogue’s job was sometimes a bit more than she could handle. Especially when there were kids involved. But she could always vent to her college buds, Loman and Cass Foster.

Quin had heard all about Rogue from his brothers, and he was anxious to meet her. Loman and Cass said they owed their lives to Rogue, but they wouldn’t give Quin any of the details.

As soon as Rogue arrived, Quin realized she was his mate, but as soon as she met Don’s mate Parker, it was chaos, leaving Parker heartbroken and Rogue hurt. Rogue was steaming mad, and Quin’s lion wanted to protect her, but Parker was family too. Quin was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Sarah had been on the run her entire adult life. As soon as she found out she was pregnant, she faked her death to keep her children safe from the prick who’d fathered them. Now, nine years later, her twin boys were her entire world, and she was petrified he would find her. When she received the voicemail from Cass, she thought the end had finally come for both her and her boys.

Cassidy Foster was only helping a client find his long-lost grandchildren when he contacted Sarah, but when a distress call came in from one of her boys, Cass told the boys to hide before Cass’s lion took him. It only took that split second for him to know the woman inside screaming was his mate. Would he be too late to save her?


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Keegan closed up the books he’d been working on and put them in the safe behind him. Tomorrow he was going to be moving everything into his new domain, and he’d feel better about the bigger safe as well as the good locks on the doors. Just as he was coming out of the building he’d been using as a temporary place, he was knocked on his ass. He ended up falling backwards and hitting his head on the cornerstone. He must have been out for only a few seconds when someone was jerking him up from the ground. Still dizzy, Keegan couldn’t focus on the man holding him, but he could smell that he was a bear. The hard shake to his body had him lashing out with his fist, and for the second time, he was down. This time, however, so was the man.

“I asked you a fucking question. Where the fuck is he?” Keegan said he didn’t know what he was talking about. “Oh, you don’t, do you? Well, who the hell knocked you back with tiny little feet like that?” The snow was covered in little footprints. However, there were a great many of them that weren’t so tiny. Looking up at the man when he stood up, Keegan let a little of his lion go so he’d be healed a little. Standing up, not feeling so bad now that he had done that, he asked the man what the hell he was going on about. “The kid. Where is he?

You have to have seen him. Or are you one of those evangelistic people?” Keegan asked him what the hell that was supposed to mean. “You know, those religious shits that would rather die than to give up on someone.” “That’s not what that word means. And what the hell would I have to give up on someone? Unless it’s you. Then I’d gladly let the police handle this.” He reached for his brother, knowing that Cass had been on his way to meet him here today. Keegan told him what was going on and that he might need the police. “I don’t know anything about a kid. However, I do know you’re going to be in trouble for knocking me down and making my head hurt if you don’t get out of my face.” “Sure. Like I’m worried about you.”

The man released his bear enough that Keegan could see he was a brown bear, and wasn’t in good shape. When a shifter didn’t allow their other half out once in a while, things could get nasty. “So you see, you’re going to tell me what happened to the kid. He stole some fruit from my store.” “He must be desperate then. I’ve been by your store, Hank, and there isn’t usually anything I’d eat there.” He drew back his fist, and Keegan braced himself for the blow. But when nothing happened, he opened one eye to peer at the man. “Ronan? I didn’t know you were in town.” “Cass and I were going to surprise you by having dinner with you. Our wives are out shopping. This man bothering you, little brother?” He didn’t normally care for being referred to as little anything, but he thought Ronan was making it clear to Hank that he was the brother of the king of lions. “I can dispatch him now if you wish. I know his sleuth is looking for him too. Seems he’s been taking money from the coffers at the bruin.”

“Sounds like something he’d be doing. He said he was looking for a kid. I haven’t any idea because as soon as I came out of the building here, I was thrown to the ground. He said the kid did it, but I think Hank did it for shits and giggles.” Hank said it was the kid. “I’ve not seen one. He pointed out that there are footprints, but I’m thinking these could have been made at any time by anyone.” That was when he saw the kid across the street from them watching things going on. However, Keegan didn’t think it was a kid but a girl.

And she looked beaten to shit too. Telling his brother, Ronan told him that Cass was on the case. Since he didn’t have the head right now for figuring out what that meant, he sat down in the snow again and pulled a ball of the fluffy white stuff to his aching head. In less time than it would have taken him to walk home, six blocks from there, not only was the sleuth with them but Hank was being arrested for assault and battery. Cass had been with the girl for the last ten minutes, and it looked as if they were getting along fine. When the ambulance pulled up, Cass pushed him out of the way and put the girl in it. With a wink, Cass told him he could heal himself. Standing now, the snow coming down once again, he let it fall over his face.

There were things going on around him, but he really did have a headache from hell. Almost as soon as he decided he couldn’t stand much longer, he found himself in bed, at his home, with a compress on his head. Parker and his mom were standing over him. “I’m going to be sick.” As soon as he said it, Parker touched his head. Not only was he no longer ill, but his pain was gone as well. “What happened that I ended up here?” “Ronan said you looked like you needed some assistance. So I popped in and popped you here. Hank is in serious trouble, and the woman is being treated for her wounds.” Keegan asked her what lady. “The woman that Hank beat up that was going through his trash. Not a kid, as Hank thought, but a full-grown undernourished woman. She’s going to be fine.”

“Why do I feel like I’ve fallen through the rabbit hole here?” His mom laughed and handed him a glass of juice. “Mom, please tell me what’s going on. I’m a sick boy.” “You’re no more sick than I am. A woman was going through Hank’s trash to get herself something to eat. He caught her, thinking she was a boy and beat her up for what she’d been doing. Once she was able to escape, she zoomed by you and knocked you on your bottom. She’s the one that called Ronan to come to help you.” He asked if she was a lion too. “Honey, she’s a lioness. And yes, she is. Very nice girl too, if you ask me.” He didn’t but kept that to himself. As he laid there, thinking how much better he was feeling, he closed his eyes. Whatever came from this, Keegan had a feeling he was going to be having a mate, as well as someone gunning for him. Christ, why couldn’t things just be normal? He supposed that was a question for the fates. Closing his eyes, he let himself go to sleep. It was going to be a long day tomorrow, what with moving and getting himself set up.

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