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Robin had been born a vampire, but when she failed to develop fangs at twenty-five, her family deemed her worthless and left her at the mercy of the vampire council to do with what they pleased. Being a slave was all she’d ever known.

Warren Justice was a very old and lonely vampire. He had been alone for so long he had pulled his affairs together and contemplated ending his existence until Hamish summoned him. He had intended to visit his old friend one last time to say goodbye.

When Warren met Hamish’s mate, Lander, the shock and power exchange they both received gave him a new lookout on life. And when Lander summoned the bookkeeper of the vampire records, he realized the woman cowering in the corner was his mate.

The vampire council had a lot to answer for, and Robin knew all their dirty little

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Lander was good at her job. What she wasn’t good with was people, most people, in fact. Especially attornies who weren’t prepared when they cross-examined her as a witness. She didn’t care. She had work to do. Leaving the courthouse was the last thing she remembered when she woke up in the hospital.

Happy to have finally found his mate after all these centuries, Hamish, an ancient vampire, had been following her scent all morning. The scent led him to the courthouse, where he decided to wait until she came out. But shots rang out when Lander stepped out of the building. Hamish would have to move fast, or he would find and lose his mate at the same time.

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Warren wandered around the rooms he’d been given while staying with Hamish
and Lander. It was a great room. Not at all feminine like he’d expected when Hamish
told him Lander had decorated it for him especially. The bathroom was done up well,
with lots of warm colors like the bedroom had. The windows in here, like the bedroom,
were covered in room-darkening curtains that made it so he could rest during the day if
he wished.
He hadn’t packed much. A laptop, some books he’d been reading, as well as
some paperwork he’d not gotten finished while he’d been at home. Smiling to himself
as he left the rooms, Warren wondered what his buddy would think about him owning
a blood bank. Not for himself—no, feeding for himself had never been a problem—but
for hospitals and other medical facilities that had a need for rare or even not-so-rare

Lander, he assumed it was her, was coming up the stairs as he was going toward
them. When she got to the top of them, she put out her hand in greeting. Taking it,
something with the touch of their hands blew them both backward and to the floor. His
last thought before he hit his head and passed out was that Hamish was going to kill
him if he hurt his mate.
When he woke, he was lying on his bed. Sitting up quickly, not sure what was
going on, he was told to lie back down by Hamish. He did as he’d been told because he
wasn’t sure how much longer he’d have been able to stay in that position. Hamish
asked him if he was all right.

“Never mind that. Is your mate all right?” He just grinned. “I’m assuming since
I’m still alive that I didn’t hurt her enough for you to want to kill me.”
“She had a nasty bump on her head, but it, like yours, has healed. Lander is
resting right now. Not because of the power exchange, but because she is newly turned
and needs to rest during the day.” Warren decided he was feeling well enough to sit up
now and cautiously did so. Feeling better, he moved to the chair beside Hamish.
“Lander told me that all she did was touch your hand in greeting, and the two of you
were blasted by something. I don’t know what you got, but she has a great deal more
power on some things than I do. Can you feel any differences?”
“Not yet. My mind is still processing the fact that a new vampire blasted me
across the hall.” They both laughed. “I honestly don’t know what happened. Did she
give anything to me? Am I the one that blasted us apart? Right now, I’m just grateful
she wasn’t hurt.”
“As am I. However, you’ll be happy to know she told me that if I touched you
with harm in my mind, she’d break off my fangs and stab me with them. Lander’s used
that one before. Every time she threatens me with it, I get more afraid. She’s a pistol, as
Grandda says.” Again they both laughed. Warren got up to stretch. Then before he
could put his arms down from the most wonderful stretch he’d had, he paused. “You
figured something out?”

“Yes. Lander isn’t sleeping right now but coming down the hall toward us. Your
grandda is on a construction site on the other side of town, giving the men working a
break by telling them stories. He knew they needed to step back a moment. Something
about the homeowner changing their mind several times a day about the house. A
woman, I’m sure is your sister, is on her computer, looking at her financial records.
She’s about broke, so you might want to talk to her about it. Colleen is being extorted
by someone in Virginia about her being a vampire. Their last name is Pfizer. She’s
paying them hush money, she calls it, so you’ll not find out.” Warren turned to his best
friend. “I’ve never been able to do that before. Especially with your sister, whom I’ve
never met. Lander is coming into the room now.”
The door opened, and there was Lander. She was staring at him like she was
trying to gauge him on some level. Warren asked her what she’d gotten from him,
knowing that was why she was here. He also realized at that moment that he couldn’t
read her mind. That scared him more than anything else.

“When I touch something, something as mundane as a hairbrush, I can tell not
only where it’s been, who the owner is, but what the person died from. I’ve never used
the brush set that was laid out, but I know now that it belonged to Hamish’s
grandmother, and she was killed by a human who had not meant to kill her. They’d
been friends.” Lander shivered when she put her hand on the chair he’d been sitting in.
“I want to toss this chair out as soon as possible. It has been used for obscene things that
I don’t care to discuss.”
Hamish touched his finger to the chair, and it disappeared.
Just like that, he did his mate’s bidding. And better yet, he believed her when she
said it had to go. Sitting on the edge of the bed, his chair now gone, Warren stood up
quickly because he didn’t want to think about what had happened on the mattress.
“You’re the only one other than the delivery people who have touched it. If it
makes you feel any better, it was sealed up when it arrived, and Hamish used his magic
to put it here in this room.” He told her it did. “I can find people. What I mean is I can
sense where they are and what they’re doing. I can also tell that you can do the same.
Have you touched anything in here?”

“I sat in the chair that is now gone.” She asked him to touch something in the
room. Then she suggested the framed art on the wall. Warren did so without hesitation.
“No. I don’t feel anything other than I can see that it’s been cleaned recently. Could that
be it?”
Warren touched several more things in the room without any kind of feelings
from it. When he asked if they could leave the room, the three of them did so without
saying a word. Entering the living room, he wanted to just think for a minute. Let his
mind wrap around what he was feeling at the moment.
“I came here to say my goodbyes to you, Hamish. I had it in my head that I was
too old and lonely to live out my days as a hermit. Then I get blasted across the hall by a
pretty woman, and I feel revived. Like? Well, like I’ve been given a purpose again. I
don’t know what that is, but I do feel that way.” Hamish told him he was happy for
them all then. “Yes, so am I. This thing, finding people, I’ve only just realized that while
I know what they’re doing and where they are, I can’t read their emotions with it. It’s
like I’ve been given some information, and what I do with it is up to me. Does that
make sense?”

“Yes. When I find bodies or cars, whatever I’m looking at, I can feel the last few
minutes of their lives. Like the man, I found just a few days ago. I knew he thought he
was pulling into a parking lot to enjoy his ice cream before it melted. When he hit the
water, he had no fear because he didn’t equate where he was with dying. I knew that he
enjoyed his few bites of ice cream before he hit the water, but I only know that because
I could see it in his mind. Not the emotions he’d have while enjoying it.”
Warren changed the subject about what had happened and told the couple what
else he’d been doing. Closing down some of his businesses was one of the things he’d
thought he’d regret now that he had a better outlook on life. But he didn’t, he told them.
“I can start fresh. Try new things. Honestly, it’s been a long time since I’ve
wanted to do anything more than just go from day to day.”

Lander asked him if he suffered from depression.
“I believe that for all single vampires, as well as any creature
that has lived as long as Hamish and I, depression is a constant battle. With me losing
my mate, too, that didn’t help. She was, much like you are to Hamish, my world. I miss
her less and less, but my heart still grieves for what I have lost.”
“I’m so sorry about that. But I am happy you’re here with us now and that you
will be for a long time. You will, correct?” He said he would, but he couldn’t live with
them. “And why the hell not? It’s not like we don’t have plenty of room here.”
“I think he’s telling us he needs his own space, love. Not that he doesn’t want to
hang out with us. As a single vampire, he’ll need space.” She didn’t seem to understand
but let it go. Hamish winked at him. “I actually have a home you might like. It’s not far
from here. And you’ll just take it because you told me about my sister.”
“What’s happening with Colleen?” Hamish told her, and Warren filled in the
details as he got them. “What are we going to do about it then? I’m sure you’ve been
thinking up a plan.”

“I have. But I’m going to talk to Colleen first. Details will be important in this
kind of situation, as this person might have more details than he’s telling my sister. Or,
he might not have anything at all and has targeted her for some reason.” Lander said he
had to die. “Yes, well, how about we table that one for now and wait on details?”
“Yes, all right. But we’re going to help her, right? I love her as much as you do,
and I don’t want her stressed.” Warren loved the little spit-fire woman. When she
turned to him with a smile, he felt his beast hiding in the shadows as if he were afraid of
her. “You, my dear friend, are going to help me out with a few projects I have going on
in my head. But first and foremost, I need answers to a great many questions. I’ve been
reading the book that Hamish’s grandma had, but there are things in there that I can do
that aren’t mentioned for a newbie. Do you guys really call newly made vampires a

“Honey, no offense, but I think an entire book could be written about you and
being newly changed. And if being called a newbie is something that bothers you? Then
I shall promise on my deceased wife’s heart that I’ll never call anyone that again.”
The rest of the afternoon into the evening was spent talking about anything and
everything. When Lander got a phone call, she left the room to go answer it. He’d never
bothered with a cell phone before as if anyone had wanted to contact him, and they’d
not met before that, he wasn’t in the mood to talk to them. But now—well, he wasn’t so
sure about a lot of things anymore.
The one thought that kept going around and around in his head was just how
strong Hamish was that he could turn a human into one of their kind, and she have
such amazing powers? Was he a leader? If not, he surely would make a good one. No
one would mess with him once they met his mate. Christ, she was amazing.

Warren liked the old building that he thought would make a good shop for him.
Long ago, he’d been a jewelry maker. The level of concentration kept his mind occupied
and not thinking about things that were better not thought of at all. He pulled out his
cell phone, a new addition to his life, and called the number on the “for rent” sign
hanging in the window. He burst out laughing when he contacted Hamish.
“Do you own everything around here?” Hamish told him about the building he
was looking at. “What have you done for improvements then? To me, it looks like it
could have been built yesterday but still has its old-time charm.”
“I had the stained glassed windows throughout the house repaired. There are
also transom windows of stained glass on both floors. The furnace is new, and so is the
roof. It had been slate, but I sold it all off in trade for the tin roof it has now. I guess the
installer’s wife is into crafty things.” Hamish asked him if he wanted it. “I’ll give it to

you just to get it off my back. I’ve owned it for some time, and since things have been
bad around here for a while, no one has the funds to rent it.”
“I can’t just take it from you,” Hamish asked him why not. “I’m not sure. I just
don’t want you to give me a house because you’re tired of paying taxes on it. That’s it,
isn’t it?”

“Some of it. However, it’s a nice place inside and out. There is ample parking in
the back for whatever you want to do with it. What do you want to do with it?” He told
him what he’d been thinking about doing. “In the basement, which is super nice with
walls and cable hookups, there are two tables that I can only assume were built in the
place. Then someone concreted them to the floor. Sturdy as fuck. And the tops of both
of them are steel and have electrical outlets all around them.”
“How do I get in?” He told him he was in town and would meet him there in a
few minutes. “Is Lander with you? I was worried about her all night last night.”
“She is with me and feeling better today. We’ve been scouting out buildings she
can use for her dad’s legacy.” The car pulled into the back lot, and Warren went around
to meet them. Lander did look better today. “We’ve found three buildings we are
thinking of using. The one we’ll more than likely use is the one just outside of town.
That way, the city won’t have too much to bitch about when we’re having things

“I’ve been looking for blankets and things for a kit for people in transit, with
things like deodorants and shaving kits. Soap too.” Warren told Lander if she needed
help packing them up, he’d gladly help. “Thank you. I might take you up on that. Also,
I’m looking for a doctor and a psychiatrist. If you know of anyone that would be on
board with this project, let me know. I know you were a doctor at some time in your
life, Hamish told me, but I’m not hinting that you should do it. I don’t want anyone
helping unless they’re doing it because they want to and not because they think they
have to. Does that make sense?”

“Yes. And I know of a psychiatrist that might be willing to come here. He’s not a
vampire but a bear shifter. His name is Calhoun Meyer. There is also a human that
might work out for you by the name of Brad Kirk. Nice man. He’s an ancient that has
been around for more than five hundred years. Someone gifted him immortality for
saving a life. If he has more magic than that, I don’t know what it might be.” Lander
kissed him on the cheek. “Not that I don’t mind, but what was that for?”
“For not telling me you’d do it when I know you want this building for
something else altogether. Good for you. I love you, Warren.” He was embarrassed.
Rather than digging himself in deeper with his embarrassment, he told her what his
plans were. “Now, let’s go see about getting this home in your name so you can make
beautiful jewelry that will be on every beautiful woman in the world.”
When she walked off and opened the door to the building, Warren looked at
Hamish. He didn’t look pissy because his mate had kissed him. More like he was
resigned to the fact that she was going to do it no matter what he asked her not to do.
Warren wondered if he’d asked her not to touch other males. He decided he really
didn’t want to know.

“You’ll take the building if for no other reason than I need you to. Not for the
taxes, but because you’ve made Lander so happy about this. Helping you.” Warren told
him he’d make the first piece of jewelry for her. “You do that, and she’ll be sobbing
about how lovely it is and who gave it to her.”
They both laughed and entered the large building. The first thing he saw was the
stained glass window at the side of the building in what appeared to be a parlor. The
fireplace in there was marble, something he had in his home in Spain. He was already
in love with the place.
The tour of the house was fun. Lander told him what he should use the extra
rooms for on the main floor. It looked to him like someone had added another wing on
the house that was one floor. It appeared to have been used as a large walk-in pantry.
He told her he was going to use it as a darkroom so he could rest safely during the
hottest part of the day.

“Brilliant. I have rooms like that now too. Only we used darkening curtains. It’s
amazing to me how much light they cut out and still look pretty in a room.”
She and Hamish went to the kitchen to let him go to the basement. He knew he’d
rarely use the kitchen area, but he was going to have it updated. Appearances were
everything when you didn’t trust humans all that much.
The tables that Hamish had told him about were perfect in every way for what
he’d use them for. One of them was waist level so he could sit while using it. The other
was about four feet from the floor and the perfect height for him to stand up and work
on. He was also happy to see that the plugs on the table were ones that could take
machinery plugged into them and not have a problem.
He unearthed a kiln at the corner of the building outdoors. At some point in his
life, he’d been a potter as well. This kiln, used for raku firings, was going to come in
handy for other projects he had in mind.

Warren found boxes of clay that weren’t dried out, as well as an entire shelf of
glazes in the basement. His creative juices were flowing now, and he wanted to rush the
couple off so he could have some fun.
Just as he was headed up the open stairs, he saw something under them. Going
back there, being careful of what it might be, he found a safe.
Calling down Hamish and Lander, he showed them what he’d found, then asked
Hamish if he’d noticed it before. After telling him, no, but it looked as if it had been
there for some time, they moved all the debris off and around it. They all agreed it
hadn’t just been put in. When Lander put her hand on the six by at least ten safe, she
smiled at him.

“The combination is twelve right, twenty-five left, and sixteen right.” Shaking his
head, he opened the safe on the first try. Inside of it was not just the combination but a
list of things that had been put in it and taken out with the dates. “It looks like the dates
on some of those things are a couple hundred years old. I wonder why he did that.”
“Could be that he was keeping track of things so he’d not think something was
missing. If he took it out and wrote it down, then when he came back to it, he’d know it
wasn’t supposed to be in there. Same with the things he put in here.” Warren pulled out
the first leather sack and laid it on the floor. “If you’d be so kind as to open this for me
because you made it so easy for me to get into.”

Lander dumped the bag onto the shorter table. He was glad he’d sat down in one
of the chairs that had been around the table, or he might well have fallen. Touching his
finger to the large diamond, he couldn’t believe what a find this was. Hamish pulled the
other nine bags out and dumped them on the table in separate piles.
There were yellow diamonds, blue ones, as well as sapphires, opals, and rubies.
Two bags of emeralds that were unpolished like the rest of them were. The last bag held
an assortment of stones. Tiger’s eye, some little pebbles that had been polished to a high
sheen that showed the colors off brilliantly.

“I can’t take this. The house belongs to you, Hamish. Surely you know this is
worth millions.” Lander picked up the tiger’s eye stone and held it tightly in her hand
while Hamish said it was Warren’s. “No. I won’t accept this. It’s entirely too much. You
have to take these bags of gems, or we don’t have a deal on any of it.”
“The man that put these in here had a lovely little shop in the parlor of this
house. He would work nightly on things and go to work in the morning to go to estate
sales, household sales, and such. Most of the time, these items were in jewelry boxes
that had a great deal of junk gems mixed in with it. His name was Clarence Brown. I
think you’ve heard of him?” Warren and Hamish both nodded. “He made a living
going to different places, and since he never spent anything more than a few dollars for
things, he was never thought of as a man who had millions of dollars’ worth of gems in
his workshop.”

“He died some time ago. I remember reading about it in the newspaper, saying
how he’d died a pauper. Little did anyone know he was a millionaire several times
over.” Lander told him that was right. “So none of this is stolen? He paid for it all?”
“Oh yes. There were times he thought of it as stolen goods for as little as he paid
for it. However, he used the cash he’d made from his jewelry, which was the reason
they thought him broke, to put food on the table of a great many people without them
ever knowing who it was that helped them. Mr. Brown had no children—his wife died
when they were newly married. He had no one to carry on his work, and I find that the
saddest story I’ve ever heard. So if you don’t take these gems and stones and carry on
the things that this man did, then I’m going to have to hurt you. You know I can,
Warren. This man gave his all to help others. You need to do the same with the things
he left for you to find.”

“Lander, I love you. So much.” She told Warren she dearly loved him too. “All
right. I’ll do it. But you have to pick out a stone so I can make you something beautiful
for your help.” She handed him the tiger’s eye, telling him what she wanted. “It would
be a lovely necklace, but it wouldn’t be worthy of you, I’m afraid.”
“That was the first stone he found. The first one he polished. Not by machine but
with his hands and tools. I want you to make me a necklace fitting of the man who took
the time to do that. Please?”

He nodded. Warren didn’t think he’d ever get used to someone like Lander. She
was the most special person he’d ever known in all his life.
As they were bagging the items up and putting them back into the bags, each one
he touched, he could almost see how it would look as a piece of jewelry. Excitement
raced over his skin, and he was wanting to get started. However, he needed to get some
equipment out of storage and also gather up things like wires and such to make things
work for him.

After doing a good search of the basement, they headed to the shed out back.
There was where he found all the equipment that had been used by Mr. Brown. Most of
it wasn’t viable anymore, and it was covered with rust. But he did find a great deal of
wire that he’d need, as well as all the polishing rags the man had worn down to nearly

“I’m going to enjoy this,” Hamish told him he could tell. “I don’t know what I’ll
do with the rest of the house, but I’m thinking it might make a good shop for high-end
things. It might not sell well around here, but I’ll make sure I have a good online
presence too. I’m sure I have enough junk at my home that I could easily bring here
with the help of you guys. Also, before I forget again to tell you.” Warren laughed when
he thought about what he’d done. “I purchased the candy bars the kids are selling twice
yesterday and donated them back to them. I bet you guys are helping them too.”
Lander told him how they were going to fly them out there and put them up in a
hotel for an extra couple of days. Every kid should experience New York at least once at
Christmas time. Hamish said he was going too but as a shopper. He was taking Lander
for her first visit.

“I might join you if you’d not mind,” Lander told him that would be wonderful.
“Maybe by then, I’ll have my head out of my ass and working again. I didn’t realize
how much I needed this.”
As they were leaving the house, a car pulled into the driveway. As soon as the
woman got out of the car, he knew that this was Colleen, Hamish’s sister. She looked
like him enough to know they were related, but she didn’t look manly. She was

“Hello. You must be Warren. I’ve heard about you all my life.” He put out his
hand to shake hers. “My goodness, you’re handsome, aren’t you?”
Then they touched

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